5 Best Easy Decorating Tips

couch interiror

The job of a home stager is to know what the house’s strengths and weaknesses are and merely play to the house’s strengths. This will make the house look appealing to just about everyone. Here are some tips from professionals all around the country as to how to freshen up the interiors without spending all that much money.

1.     The front door.

As you may already know, the first impression is always the best impression. Hence, start from how the door looks. Paint the door with colors that are glossy and fun. There are plenty of cultures that correlate red with luck as it welcomed travelers from all over the country in early America. Other colors such as yellow or orange signify joy and warmth. Instead of a screen door, go for a full-length glass door.

2.     Sofas and couches

Many sofas in grand hotels have been arranged in such a way that groups can sit and have a conversation. This should also be done when you arrange couches in your living room as well. Set them in a U where the sofa and two chairs face each other with a coffee table in the middle or have an H-shaped arrangement where the two chairs are set opposite to a sofa with the coffee table in the middle as well. Do not place the furniture against the wall as this will make the room feel empty and big.


3.     Drapes

It is better to choose window drapes that aren’t ugly and instead, have a naked window. If it is imperative that you have curtains, pick ones that complement with the overall vibe of the room. Choose ones that have colors that won’t fade when it comes to rooms that receive a lot of sunlight. Fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk blend are great if you’re looking for lightweight materials.

4.     Hang mirrors in every room

The idea behind hanging mirrors in each room is to let the light bounce around the room. But it is also vital that you choose the right spot. When hanging mirrors near windows, hang them perpendicular to the window instead of across them as this will bounce the light out the same way it came.

5.     Layering the lights

Each room must have at least three kinds of lighting. They are ambient, task and accent lights. Ambient lights are the primary source of light which is usually hung from the ceiling. Accent is for highlighting certain aspects of the room such as an artwork or crockery whereas task is found for personal use such as when you need to read a book.