5 Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding couple kissing

You are getting married, congratulations! This is of course a super exciting time for both you, your partner and the rest of your shared friends and family. Naturally, you want to let them all know they are invited to the special ceremony with a memorable and beautiful set of wedding invitations that both inform your guest list and get them pumped for the big day!

The following will list some creative ideas you can perhaps use to make your wedding invitations truly memorable!

1: Personally illustrated

One popular idea for unique wedding invitations is to illustrate them yourself or have someone else do it for you. If either or both of you have already have small children then perhaps, they could doodle all over them, talking about how excited they are for mummy and daddy to get hitched.

You can even join in with the kids and make it a fun family activity to draw all over the cards, making them truly unique for each and every guest. The benefit of this approach is that it’s incredibly cheap to buy a pack of coloured pencils and go over a no-frills card you have had printed.

2. Old-school passports

If you are getting married in an overseas location, you can use the fact people are travelling for the occasion in the design of your letters. It’s really exciting for people to find out they are travelling for your big day in this way and adds a unique flair they won’t soon forget.

Use the design of the passport to hint at where the location is before they even open up the letter. This sense of mystery really gets your guests excited and feeling like they’re on their own little adventure along with you.

3. Pop-up

Nothing is quite as exciting as something exploding in your face. If you really want to delight and surprise your guest list, consider putting a fun pop-up image inside your wedding invitations. Pop-ups are easy to make, and you can do it with pretty much any image you want.

4. Photography focus

wedding cards

An image says a thousand words – a few well-placed snaps of you and your soon-to-be spouse could be the simple yet effective ‘wow factor’ you add to your wedding invitations. Try and go with a photographer who is experienced with shooting couples and knows how to communicate the aesthetic you want through editing.

5. Interactive

Because wedding invitations are typically a one-way form of media, making yours interactive in some way is a splendid way to set them apart from the norm. Adding a little tab guests can pull that reveals a hidden message or image is something simple that captures your guests attention and ensures they remember it.

How do you go about getting them made?

The best thing to do when you need you wedding invitations made is to go to a specialist printing company that is local to you. You should so your research using Google or another search engine and use terms like ‘best local printing company’ or ‘printing services near me’ so that you can get a list of suitable candidates. Make sure you compare and contrast the various different companies that appear and take note of any special online offers or discounts they have.

Hopefully the above has given you some more information you can use to create the ideal batch of wedding invitations.