Are Helicopter Training Programs Worth The Time?


Local members who are pondering the merits of helicopter training programs often reach a point during the project where they think “is this worth the time?” While we would all love to reach the end conclusion and have that valuable piece of license in the hands, it is an initiative that necessitates patience and persistence. When weighing up the viability of this decision, it is beneficial to explore what is involved and what people should prepare for in these situations.

2 Sessions Per Week is Ideal

When men and women are presented with the idea of helicopter training programs, they will immediately think about those people who are entrenched in a system that is 24/7. Every other priority in their life has to be put aside to scratch this itch right? Well, that would be a wild misconception because the practical flying time is built around two sessions per week. There will be a fair amount of theory and study included, but it is an initiative that can be worked around other commitments.

Wide Range of Program Providers

Thankfully participants of helicopter training programs don’t have to be stuck with one outlet if they believe that a better provider is out there. These services are entirely transparent and will lay out what is involved from the initiation phase all the way to the acquisition of the pilot’s license. By examining each brand on their merit, seeing how they are rated and reviewed online, speaking with other members who have been through the program before, it will be easy to see who is viable and who is worthy of the time and money.

Not All Training Must Be Scheduled

Young man undertaking helicopter training

While the main work that is undertaken with helicopter training programs will be carried out inside the pilot’s chair on the machine, there are other maneuvers and exercises that can help to foster progress for people. The armchair flying action is a great method to getting accustomed to the subtle movements and behaviours that people have to engage with. Then there are digital testing tools and simulations that help to maintain a course of progress for students who are learning their craft.

Extensive Educational Material Provided

For those who are asking if helicopter training programs are worth the time, they should be aware that they are not designed to be fast tracked for participants. It will require a patient approach from those who are set on receiving their license, but they will be provided with extensive educational material that allows them to develop a flexible schedule. These training modules can be customised in some situations to ensure that men and women are not missing out on key components of the process.

Designed For Private & Public Objectives

There is no question that helicopter training programs are worth the time for those that want to forge ahead with a career in the public or private sector. This is where recipients can learn the craft purely for a personal hobby, or to be a professional that is able to cater to sightseeing adventure tours or contractors for high-end clientele. It does not have to be designed for a one-size-fits-all scenario.

Great Career Opportunities

Helicopter pilots might very well decide that they want to explore other avenues in the private and public sector. Whether it involves arts, sports, finance, property investment, manufacturing and IT or anything else, the world is an open space for professionals to explore. The fact remains that helicopter training programs provide pathways for men and women who want to make a career from the venture. It looks great on the CV and ensures that they can travel to any corner of the globe and have a position waiting for them.