How To Be Efficient At Work


With the tasks that are given to us in today’s work environment, it seems like we never have enough time to do everything before the day ends. But there are ways through which you can be efficient at work instead of working overtime for hours on end.

In this article, we’ll dish out tips that will help you improve workplace efficiency

1.     Planning

To avoid procrastination, create a to-do list in advance so as to also avoid confusion in regard to what you must do next. Spend an hour at least towards the beginning of the week when you’ll make a list of the things that you have to do. You may also prioritize each task.

2.     No loose ends

Never leave a project unfinished as this will only lead to more unwanted stress than before which is undesirable, to say the least. Only after you finish the task at hand should you move onto to the next one. Once you complete your job, you’ll feel satisfied, happy and relaxed. This energy is essential for you to move onto the next task.

3.     Time

In order to measure your efficiency, you can keep track of the time you take on a project. Write this down on a notebook, and this will help you identify the areas where you need to focus on when it comes to the time taken.


4.     Distractions

There are a great many factors under that can distract you while you work. This can be your colleagues gossiping or your phone vibrating. This will affect your efficiency as well as your motivation significantly. Switch your phone off while you’re at work or try using headphones that cancel noise but only do so if it is allowed.

5.     Positive thinking

No matter what you do, having a positive outlook on things can significantly influence your productivity. Hence, it is crucial that you do not panic whenever you have a tight deadline as this can restrict your thinking capacity as well as affect your time. The difference when you have a positive outlook is that you’ll be better prepared and you’ll also be able to work faster.

6.     Shorter deadlines

There’s no better motivation to complete (or start) something than a deadline. Give yourself a deadline shorter than the actual one. If you do this immediately, you’ll notice some pretty significant changes in your efficiency as it’ll start increasing at a very high rate.

7.     Breaks

In order to stay productive, giving your mind some space to breathe is vital. Therefore, take short brakes every 90 minutes as scientists say that you cannot focus on something for more than 90 minutes.