Is Emotional Trauma Healing Possible?

Woman during her emotional trauma healing session

Many of us will, unfortunately, suffer from some kind of traumatic experience in our lives. These experiences can leave us with physical and psychological scars that can hurt our sense of safety and security and can lead to lifelong consequences. Generally, people just don’t have the coping mechanisms and strategies needed to deal with traumatic experiences and will have a very hard time trying to deal with their emotions on their own. Traumatic events can cause serious pain and distress, leaving you feeling totally helpless and anxious. You may also find yourself feeling disassociated, number or distrustful of those around you. When something terrible happens, it can take a very long time for you to feel safe and happy again. So, it really possible to move forward with your life.

Emotional trauma healing can help

No matter how long ago the event that caused you distress occurred, there are things you can do. Emotional trauma healing can help you to deal with your experience and can help you to move forward. Not sure whether your need emotional trauma healing?

You should keep in mind that everybody experienced things differently and it’s totally up you your own emotional experience whether or not an event can be described as traumatic. Emotional trauma healing can help you to integrate how you feel about a certain situation and can help you a long in your recovery.

The process of recovery and emotional trauma healing is highly personal and will progress differently for everyone. The way that you experience emotional trauma healing will be different to the way that others experience it. Your coping skills and level of resiliency will play into how you go in terms of recovery, as well as the systems of support you have around you. Moving on from a traumatic experience can help you to live a happier and more successful life and can help you to move past being overwhelmed by your emotions about your past and experiences.

Realistic expectations

What you should keep in mind is that recovery really is not the complete absence of that event from your life, or a complete disconnection from your memories or feelings about it. Rather recovery is all about moving beyond that event and finding a way to stop it from controlling and impacting on your life. Recovery is a process with a number of stages.

Finding stability

One of the first stages of emotional trauma healing is finding safety and stability in your life. People who have been traumatised often feel very unsafe and one of the first things that they will want to do is find a sense of security. Finding security is about finding a space where you feel free from any further emotional or physical turmoil.

Coming to terms with it

The next point of recovery is coming to terms with the reality of what happened to you and allowing the memories to reach you.


Once you have come to terms with what happened to you, you can begin to accept it as part of your life and you can begin to integrate it into your life.

Post-traumatic growth

Once you have started moving forward in the recovery process you will start to move into a new stage of growth where you learn to use your experiences to inform your future life and perhaps even help others.

Recovery is not always a straightforward and linear process. Be patient with yourself and recognise that it takes time and commitment but it’s well worth it. Overcoming trauma will show you just how emotionally resilient you are.