The 3 Surprisingly Lucrative Reasons To Become An Online Yoga Teacher

Professional online yoga teacher doing a pose

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that alternative sources of funding are not simply a way to earn extra pocket money anymore. There is an influx of new content creators in the world and the industry of internet-based education streams are steadily growing with every passing month. Surprisingly fruitful appears to be the position of an online yoga teacher which carries with it an array of benefits for more than just your financials – although that is an enticing factor.

No, there are a few lucrative benefits for the mind, body, and soul that’s associated with becoming an online yoga teacher, whether as a side hustle or a fully-fledged pursuit. So, without further ado – pull up a roll-up mat, get in a downward-facing dog position and get ready to start your journey to become a fully-fledged professional online yoga teacher.

1.   Affordable Training

The first and foremost reason you should be considering stretching into becoming an online yoga teacher is in the relative availability of training courses to become one as well as the affordability of the training itself. While it sounds immense when you consider most standard courses are comprised of 200 hours of training to become certifiable, most of them will be able to be completed at your own pace and within your own time frame which makes it markedly easier to maintain between your everyday job.

With the rising tide of popularity and demand for a good and well-trained online yoga teacher in places where lockdowns are still prevalent, it stands to reason that it is an investment worth making. 

2.   Flexible Working Hours

Once you have the certificate and are ready to jump headfirst into the wondrously wholesome world of being an online yoga teacher. You have the chance to choose where you make your mark, whether it be joining one of the many community-based sites or by starting one of your own. Either way, the hours remain relatively yours for the most part. An online yoga teacher typically chooses their own hours to record demonstrations and classes which can be viewed by customers and clients at their own pace as well. Luckily, the lessons don’t lose relevance over time so there’s no inherent danger of content becoming stale.

Hosting live events can be a great way to build a brand and audience which could lead to further opportunities down the line, but don’t think this is mandatory for an online yoga teacher, you can be as casual or as serious as you wish – in the hours that you choose.

Lucrative doesn’t always mean monetary gain, sometimes gaining a new community of friends as well as a flexible side job can be a reward in itself, especially if you’ve built your reputation as a quality online yoga teacher.

3.   Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle Is Its Own Reward

The rewards can be seen as being far beyond simple monetary gain. You can be seen and feel that you’re nurturing positivity and that being an online yoga teacher can provide a much-needed comfort for those who are stuck in a stressful or tough spot. With so much negativity and grey clouds covering the horizon, providing something as simple as a lesson in relaxation can make someone’s day a little brighter, who could in turn pass that on to those around them.

This chain of events can bring a wonderful positive vibe to communities around the world. Making a difference can be more rewarding than anything else, and it all stemmed from you deciding to become an online yoga teacher.