The Best Online Team Building Activities To Boost Team Performance

Male worker joining in online team building activities

The worst thing that has happened to us since the beginning of the pandemic is our lack of ability to meet each other. This has seriously affected businesses in so many ways. However, the most obvious impact has been on productivity and being unable to sync with our workers. Most countries have made working from home a mandatory thing and that means people must get used to a completely new set of rules.

To deal with this new situation and to bring back the same level of productivity and efficiency, we need online team building activities. There are so many different activities that have been developed for this purpose already, and the pandemic has only increased your options. Here are a few of the most popular online team building activities that you can also try with your team.

Virtual Open Mic

There is a chance that you are going to be attending some meetings online where you may have people with whom you do not interact within your office routine. Similarly, there will also be some people who got jobs during the pandemic and have not had the chance to mingle with their coworkers. For both cases, you can ask people to come up with a conversation opening joke. This is one of the most popular online team building activities as it lightens the mood and allows everyone to feel comfortable around their colleagues.

Escape Room Game

This is a classic team building exercise where participants need to rely on their partners to solve puzzles that will eventually allow them to escape a room. Since huddling together with a bunch of other people in a small room is not an option, you can opt for the virtual game version that allows your team to talk to each other while trying to figure out a solution for a virtual escape room, even in virtual mode, this game is one of the best online team building activities that you can arrange for your team.

Virtual Fitness Programs for Employees

Much like what the gyms are doing these days, you can also ask your employees to join a virtual fitness program. This would involve everyone coming together for a workout on video conferencing. A virtual group of people will then be performing different exercises each day, motivating each other along the way to perform better. This is one of those online team building activities that aim to improve you through physical fitness. Of course, we realize that not everyone would be open to this idea, so those who can do it should do it. Exercise is a great way of relieving stress as well, after all.

Solving Mysteries

There are several game companies that are providing highly elaborate sets of games aimed at solving mysteries. You can get your employees a good set of these games and then they can solve the mysteries in each of the different games. Such games as effective online team building activities are the fact that people in your team will be relying on each other to solve such mysteries. This will not only be great fun, but you will also see a bond forming between your employees as a direct result of such activities.

Having team collaboration is much more important now than it used to be before Covid hit. You will need to be on the same page to make sure your work gets done the way it is supposed to and quickly. With online team building activities like the ones mentioned above, you can ensure that level of understanding and efficiency among your employees and keep them entertained as well.