Tips For Clients to Leverage Their Partnership With a PR Agency in Sydney

PR team having a meeting

Clients from all across the city will do well to establish a rapport with one of the most reputable PR agencies in Sydney.

These operators know how to lay the groundwork and leverage marketing campaigns that would otherwise fall flat with constituents.

Yet in order to achieve key performance indicators, it is necessary to open a dialogue and offer a transparent insight for the agency to be successful.

We will outline some key tips that will help to bridge a knowledge gap and allow them to craft a plan of attack for the brand.

Discuss Previous PR Efforts

Leveraging a partnership with one of the most reputable PR agencies in Sydney should begin with previous efforts to run a public relations project. There will be brands who bring no such experience to the table, whilst others can have horror stories, near misses and successes attempting their own adventures. What did they find that worked? What fell short of expectations? Do they have staff members who have PR skills? What campaigns have been run and is there evidence of any returns? Placing these examples on the table will allow the agency to assess the case study in further depth and offer greater insights into the business.

Outline Brand Aims & Objectives

PR team outlining goals

A PR agency in Sydney will be able to achieve more once they understand where their client is looking to go. Speaking vaguely about more money and more customers is always nice to hear, but there has to be in-depth analysis and analytics brought to the table. What are the metrics that are being discovered, what are the shortcomings of the business and where is the organisations looking to venture in the next 12 months, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and beyond? If there is an increase in competition, a diminishing return of resources or financial difficulties that could be hampering a company’s ambition, this is where those discussions need to be had with the members of the PR agency in Sydney.

Identify Current & Prospective Media Contacts

There will be clients based in the city who are in start-up mode and working from a low base where no media contacts are sourced. A quality PR agency in Sydney will be able to generate momentum for those brands, but there will also be opportunities to leverage those contacts who already have been established. By discussing these relationships in depth and seeing what business has been done with broadcasters, news outlets, magazine publishers and newspaper editors to social media influencers and event organisers, it will be easier to develop a blueprint for working with these personalities for future endeavours.

Discuss Services & Budgets

PR team discussing services and budgets

To really enjoy a quality rapport with a PR agency in Sydney, it is important to take stock of all of the different services that are on the table. These multi-faceted enterprises will have different team members who bring their own experiences and skill sets to the table. From social media campaigns and media relations to corporate relations, employee relations, crisis management tasks, offering community initiatives and building networks to integrating a communications program, these operators need to know what the client is looking for specifically. Although PR can be viewed through a purely marketing lens, their abilities venture far beyond those boundaries.

Empower Agency to Make Decisions & Changes

There is no point hiring the services of a reputable PR agency in Sydney if they are not given the capacity to make changes for the benefit of the brand. Once these other discussion points have been covered, it is necessary to take tangible steps to begin the process and realise the potential of the project at large. Depending on the type of agreement that has been reached, there will be varying levels of engagement and interaction between agency members and the client. Rather than attempting to micro-manage and keep the operators on a short leash, they are best placed when they are allowed to build their contacts and work their magic before the dividends are realised.