Tips for Maintaining your Newly Bought Home

Home maintance

The feeling that you get when you set foot in your newly bought house is an amazing one as everything that’s there; from the walls to the appliances. It’s only natural as this house is where you’ll begin the next chapter of your life.

But once you’ve settled in, you’ll notice that the once squeaky clean house just isn’t in the condition that you bought it in! Hence, in this article, we’ll go through some of the ways by which you can maintain your brand new house.

1.     Property curb appeal

Make sure to spare some time in order to condition and maintain your lawn as well as your garden so that you’ll be able to get the most out of your property.

While you may find the variation in maintaining the space in different seasons a bit tedious, you’ll be delighted to know that most of the work will only take place during the periods right after before winter.

2.     Importance of maintenance experts

You need to have a set of experts that you can rely on whenever you need to have hard to reach places cleaned.

This list shouldn’t merely comprise of cleaners. You also need to have the numbers of electricians, plumbers as well as HVAC technicians in your arsenal as well.

3.     Exterior inspection

It is essential that you inspect your exteriors for minute or small problems that stand the chance of being a bigger headache. This should be done especially during winter.


If you see areas in the exterior who’s surface require cleaning or caulking, paint, make sure you attend to those. Also, apply weather stripping wherever appropriate.

4.     Regular maintenance schedule

Make a checklist that comprises of tasks that need to be done both inside and outside. Divide these tasks into ones that need to be done weekly, monthly or seasonally. You’ll be dividing the workload if you do this.

Be on the lookout for supply stores that are close by. Make the proximity an excuse for starting the job.

5.     Children

It is essential to set a few grounds in order to keep the environment in control. Hence, when it comes to children, make sure that they cannot eat anywhere else other than the table.

Also, make sure that they only draw and color on paper and nowhere else. This will help you maintain a clean and well-kept house even when you’re living with your kids.

6.     Fire hazards

Along with the batteries of clocks and remotes, you also need to change the smoke detector’s batteries as well. Your fire extinguisher should also be checked from time to time.