What Are Some Of The Best Father’s Day Gifts?

Happy Father's Day

What is the best Father’s day gift? With Father’s day, it can be hard to get a gift when you feel like your Dad might have it all, already. A lot of people say to just go with his interests, get him something to do with those, but what if your Dad was so invested in those interests, that he already has everything he needs for those interests? This makes it even more defeating, and in addition this, what if you get him something that you think is the best Father’s day gift and it turns out he doesn’t like it, concealing it behind a fake smile? Oh, the worst. So, in this list, we will attempt to outline what we believe could be considered, the best Fathers day gifts.

V8 Supercar Experience

Whether or not your dad is a fan of watching the Holden Supercars, or Formula 1, there is nothing ordinary or boring about travelling at 290km/h . With the V8 Supercar Experience, your dad has the chance to sit in the front seat of a V8 supercar with a professional driver drifting hot laps around the track at insane speeds. Furthermore, with certain packages, your dad will also have the chance to drive the Supercar himself for 4 laps! This is an intense experience, so be sure your dad doesn’t have any heart problems (only joking!), and give him this unique experience that not many have ever experienced.

Sports merchandise

This should apply to a wide demographic of fathers, as I know many out there who are very invested in their sport of choice, whether that be soccer, cricket, rugby or anything else. Sports merchandise is always a prized possession of any sports fan, and a perfect way to show your support for your favourite team. How much you want to invest into this gift is up to you, but I’m sure any sports-obsessed father will appreciate any sports merchandise for their own team.

Silly coffee mug

Okay I’ll admit this one was kind of a joke, but at the same time it wasn’t. What do I mean by that? Well, it has become somewhat of a popular trend in pop culture to show a silly coffee mug as being a boring and silly present on Father’s day, however, I think that now that this has been established, that by giving a simple or silly coffee mug nowadays would almost be considered retro and/or meta by some people, in an almost ironic way. Besides, I think the generation that older fathers are a part of still think silly coffee mugs are funny anyway.

Silly tie or cufflinks

father carrying his child

For all the corporate Dads out there, a silly tie or cufflinks will always be appreciated; I know this from my own experience. Nothing fails to make a Dad laugh than a hilarious tie design he can discretely wear to his office and laugh with his corporate buddies about, or his razer cool new cufflinks with reference to an obscure spy movie from the 80s. From what I have seen in the past, ties with a design of the solar system, or a sports team tie, always goes down well with the older folks. Stylishly old, but still stylish.

In summary, I hope that this list has given some idea as to what you can get your father for Father’s day, and it’s important to remember the true meaning behind Father’s day is to show him your appreciation and love, and make sure he knows why you appreciate him. But the gifts are cool also.