What are the Different Aspects of Scaffolding?

The general meaning of the word scaffolding means any kind of temporary platform or structure for supporting men and material in the construction process of building. It is also used in times of renovation, repairing or maintenance of an existing building. Scaffolding is term which is used in different aspects by different people. Some of the common aspects of scaffolding with brief explanations are given below.

The temporary arrangements for the construction of a building cab are broadly classified into three types. The three types are

Supported scaffolds: in this type of scaffolding, the platforms made for supporting the men and materials used for the construction works are not single. Two or more platforms are made for the same purpose. Also, the materials used for the construction of this type of scaffolds are very rigid, heavy and load-bearing equipment are supported for the efficient functioning of the scaffolds. It includes frames, outriggers, legs and poles.


Suspended scaffolds: the main difference of this type of scaffolds from the first type is that the supporting equipment are not rigid or load bearing. In most of the cases ropes are used for the same propose by the construction employees in the site. But the similarity is that two or more platforms are made in this type also.

Other scaffolds: the examples of other scaffolds are man lifts, hoists for personnel etc. even though they exhibit some other kind of features from the first two kind of supporting they are regarded as the same by many authorities.

The care and requirements to be satisfied in the construction of the staging are specifically prescribed by many governments in many countries across the globe. Why these kind of strict measures are taken is because there are many accidents reported from the sites of constructions which have even resulted in deaths of employees. The main reason for accidents is the slipping from the platform arrangements in the construction site. There are many cases reported by the falling from the support structures due to the imbalance or improper construction of the structures. Thus the government and the concerned authorities became bound to make sure that no defaults are made in the construction of the platforms.

Some of the common regulations laid down by the governments in the making of support platforms are laid down here.

The instructions of the manufacturer should be followed in the construction of a scaffold so that minor mistakes also can be avoided. The system of guardrail will be very helpful for the functioning of the scaffolds which can be easily attached in the open sides and ends. The access to the scaffolds also should be safe especially for the ones which are above ten feet than the lower level.

Scaffolding is the construction of support platforms in the construction sites to manage the men and material in the construction processes. The scaffolding has to be done only by complying the strict rules and regulations by the government of the particular country so that safety is assured.