What Do You Need to Design Your Own Custom Sheep Yards?

Custom sheep yards

When you own a sheep yard, it is important to have a well-designed yard to keep your sheep comfortable and able to move around the yard with ease, while also being able to properly handle and move the sheep to where you need them to go. With the help of custom sheep yards, you can create a design that moves the sheep from one part of the yard to the other with little to no hassle. Back in the olden days, we didn’t have the technology or the knowledge that we do now, and sheep herding was usually done with dogs and a shepherd, but it was still a little bit of a hassle to get them to do what you needed them to do. Nowadays, things are done a little bit differently and the efficiency of these farms has grown quite a bit thanks to people building custom sheep yards. Here are a few things that you will need if you want to design your own custom sheep yards.

Have A Design Plan

Before you get to building your own custom sheep yards, you need to have a design plan that will work with the landscape and positioning of the buildings and places that you need to move the sheep too. The sheep yard will also need to take into account the fences that are already put in place, as well as trees and other natural barriers to keep the sheep in line. If you are doing this on your own property, then you should already know the layout of the land, but if you are planning to do work on someone else’s property, then having a way to get good imagery so that you can plan out the layout beforehand is ideal.

Other things that go into planning a design is having information about how water will affect the layout, where the water and animal waste will go, shelter for the sheep, and how trucks can access the yard. These are all important to keeping the sheep healthy and safe. You don’t want to have a poorly planned yard be the downfall of your flock of sheep.

Materials and Building

Closeup of two sheep grazing in a yard

Once you have a plan in place to build your own sheep yard, then you need to get the materials ready to build the sheep yard. Common materials include fencing, building supplies, concrete, and gate materials. After you have all of the materials that you need, then it is time to start building your custom sheep yard. This is the longest and hardest part about building your own custom sheep yards and can take weeks if not months, depending on the size of your team that you have helping you build it.

Hiring Someone Else to Build Custom Sheep Yards

All of this work can be a challenge to think about if you are doing it all by hand and by yourself, and there are many companies out there that can build you your own custom sheep yards. Hiring a group of professionals is the preferred method of getting your custom sheep yards done, as they have built many over the years and have a good strategy of how to build them in the fastest and safest way possible. Doing it yourself is challenging and if you aren’t properly educated in building your own, then you could potentially miss something important and it could mean the end of your sheep farm. Buying all of the equipment required for yourself is also pretty expensive, so it is best to leave it to the professionals.