Who Can Be Called the 24-hour Doctors?

A 24 hour doctor is generally highly qualified doctor who has excelled in his or her field of study and has been a specialist in a certain field which has allowed him or her to gain so much knowledge that he or she is appointed to treat extremely critical patients or the patients who require doctor’s assistance all the time such as a patient suffering from AIDS or radioactivity. The 24 hour doctor does not mean that one doctor has to stay with the patient all the time. There are several such doctors who are appointed simultaneously who divide the time breakup among them according to one’s best fit. Every doctor needs adequate amount of rest for the proper working of his or her brain so during the time one doctor is away another equally dignified and experienced doctor takes up his place and carries out the required treatment procedures by analyzing the required data and records made by the previous doctor and also what the new doctor deems necessary. The patients under 24 hour doctor surveillance are critically ill and are given all types of comfort. The modern medical instruments are used for keeping accurate track of the health condition of the patients.

Why are the 24-hour doctors required?

There are patients coming into the hospitals every day whose medical condition is not at all up to the mark, and it is very fragile, so they are mostly placed in the ICU ward or ICCU word depending upon the condition of the patient. The 24-hour doctors are present there all the time who have great experience and knowledge on serious matters. They are trained to face serious conditions, provide help and assistance to the patients and tackle any emergency conditions with calmness. Their doctors have immense experience and skills in their field, and that is the reason they are designed at one of the most important places in the entire hospital. The will power is of main and the very first concern. That is why the doctors try to cheer up the patients who are in their senses and after that take up the necessary measures. A doctor-patient interaction is maintained throughout the treatment process since with the help of that the doctors get to know the exact result of his or her treatment, whether the medicines and other proceedings are working or not if the patient can sense any type of complication or any other medical related problem.


Duties and responsibilities of the doctors

The 24-hour doctors distribute their work on the basis of their working span and their comfort zone. A doctor must work only in that area where he or she is absolutely sure when it comes to a critical patient.  All the advanced technologies must be used in the time of need, and the doctor must put in their 100% in saving a person’s life.  Immediate steroids and ventilators must be close at hand if there is abrupt deterioration in the medical condition of the patient.