Why Seeing Your Dentist In Lane Cove Will Save Your Smile

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Let’s face it, no one likes having their teeth checked, even if it is only once or twice a year. Who wants to have someone prodding around in their mouth, poking at their teeth and gums? It’s not fun, but it is necessary if you want to keep your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene standards for the long-term. However, if you want to keep your smile and take care of your teeth as well as you can, going to Smile Craft Dental, your local dentist in Lane Cove is an important part of the process. Here’s why:


Better oral care

One of the most obvious advantages of seeing your Smile Craft Dental expert in Lane Cove often is for better oral care. In your check-up, your oral hygienist will examine your teeth to see if there are any issues like early signs of tooth decay, infections, cavities or gum disease.

Even the most diligent brushers and flossers will miss little areas in their mouth, either out of habit or practicality. Once plaque builds up, it is far more difficult to remove it without a professional cleaning. Seeing your oral hygienist regularly ensures that this plaque doesn’t turn into tartar and begin eroding your teeth, leading to cavities and tooth decay.


Less chances of invasive treatment

No one wants to hear that they must have root canal or a tooth extraction. Seeing your Smile Craft Dental expert in Lane Cove consistently will minimise the likelihood of this happening. Invasive treatments, like fillings, root canal, extractions and implants are also far more expensive than just having your consistent check-up with a professional cleaning. So, think of it this way, if you want to save money, take care of your teeth and make sure you’re seeing your oral hygienist as often as they recommend.


Gum disease

Your reliable dentist in Lane Cove can also help prevent and treat gum disease. Periodontitis also known as gum disease, is an inflammation of the gums. It is a very common condition that is quite treatable, however, if left to develop, can become quite serious. At its worst, gum disease can result in tooth loss and serious infections.


Find problems before they become serious

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Another great reason to see your Smile Craft Dental expert in Lane Cove frequently is they will spot more subtle signs that are indicative of more serious oral problems. Damage to the jawbone can be spotted on x-rays, which can pick up on impacted teeth or diagnose problems before they eventuate. Therefore, preventative measures can be devised to minimise any pain or discomfort you might have as a result of the issue.

Your dentist in Lane Cove can also pick up on other subtle problems, like whether you are grinding your teeth too much and whether your diet is staining your teeth. Chocolate, coffee and tea are well-known for staining teeth.


Encourage good habits

Seeing your friendly dentist in Lane Cove is also a great reminder of all the little things you should be doing to maintain good oral care. Indeed, your oral hygienist will remind you to brush at least twice a day (morning and night) and floss daily, particularly before bed. Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth, since tooth decay often starts between the teeth, because food particles get stuck between the teeth. You’re also more likely to use mouthwash, floss diligently and clean your teeth consistently if your dentist in Lane Cove is gently reminding you during every consultation.

Hence, it is clearly very important that your oral hygienist as often as possible. While it costs money to take care of your teeth and make your appointments, it’s far cheaper than having invasive work later in life.